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Congo 1880

Congo1880in NC &HESSEL MUSEUM.jpg

Congo 1880 video projection at Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2007 and at Hessel Museum

Untitled 1900

GP_02_ Picture of %22Congo 1880%22 and %
2008 CCS Spring #1 1906.jpg

Untitled 1900

UNTITLED 1900 & CONGO 1880 at Ground of




 'Finisterre Single channel video projection, at Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery. Photo: Bevis Bowden.

 Finisterre installation at Can us save us? in Millennium Art gallery

Without limits


Without Limits installation at Veraneantes exhibition in Marco Museum of Contemporary Art (Spain)


Without Limits installation at Veraneantes exhibition in Marco Museum of Contemporary Art (Spain)


Without Limits installation at Veraneantes exhibition in Marco Museum of Contemporary Art (Spain)


The video “Without limits” is part of an installation that explores the relationship between temporal cycles, the man with his environment and memory. It examines the ideas of attempt to control and measurement. The installation has an ironic touch, it looks at ideas of search and capture, remembrance and recognise; In a place where it seems that it is difficult identifying and understanding the environment, space and time. It shows the conflict that sometimes one has when tries to interpret the external, which prevents to see more than the own subject. The experiences are not more than a moment in the course of time. Without limits emphasizes time and the footprint of the perceived memory, with a symbolic and ecological quality, where the “I” “self” is no longer I, or does not make sense without belonging to the whole..



Untitled video installation selected for Latent Talent touring exhibition and awarded in Ibiza Biennale

Untitled installation at Latent Talent exhibition in Spain








Garden is a double channel video installation that explores the nature of space within specific buildings encouraging presence of being and contemplation. The video begins with the image of the dome of a mosque. A dove overflies it from one side to another. As background the spectator can listen to distort echoes of the call to prayer and the dove callings that resonate in the dome. Slowly, the image changes to the passage of the ablutions courtyard of another mosque, there is no ritual happening and we can hear and see shallows’ and the reflection of a man who lies near the source of water. A woman in chador passes. The dome serves, as a transition to the next image of the reflection to a courtyard, this time is a secular building with a fountain garden. Here, the viewer can see the reflection of woman who comes, sits and the inner porch of the building. The video ends going back to the dome, in a loop circle. Garden was recorded at various locations in Iran, has no explicit narrative is rather a subtle attempt to get into a meditative state where we can make multiple readings. The video and the buildings encourage contemplation of the interior spaces, with their repetitive geometric patterns, similar to natural foliage. The places transcend into the abstraction and transmit symbolic meaning. The image of the dome is hypnotic, at times reminds one eye that seems an optical illusion, a feeling that rouses with the dove and the repetitive sounds.
Garden is an analogy between architecture and nature, and the polarity of the presence and absence, sensorial perfection of reflections and geometry in the spaces, but also tries to add social and political connotations with emphasis on religious issues and social interaction in a country that has its image abroad distorted by politicians, religious people and media communication.

Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 11.38.05.png

Allow one day

Concrete love

Concrete Love recorded in Heygate in South London. Heygate is a structure, an entity; a building with history, which reflects the history of London. It is no longer inhabited. It is almost vacant of people. The structure became a 70’s social housing icon and a safety barrier between the Elephant & Castle roundabout and its own 450 trees and gardens. The space and the building has desconstruted  its own utopic meaning. The Heygate’s future is dead, by demolition and construction. The video consists in a series of pictures and the video are the result of observation of places and a development of ideas through association, research and experience. At the moment the concrete love I focus is its present state. At first, what really caught my attention was the abundant nature it holds. I have tried to extend the idea of the Heygate estate, with its green utopian core and brutalist exterior to other communities and places. I have tried to play with the images and text in different, unexpected surroundings.

Imprint of memory

Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 12.00.43.png

Imprint of memory in the exhibition Contenier inside in Cidade 



Untitled (2010)

Untitled (2010) alludes to the constant changes and the "superposition” of time and quick transformation that the Chinese's and Tibetan’s population face. The video tries to combine the ideas about identity, cultural identity  regarding  the space, time and the transformations. Every place explores symbolic rages in the translation of the  names, the Route of the Silk and cultural traditions in relation with the natural.

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